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What Animals Live On Mount Everest

What Animals Live On Mount Everest

Being the highest mountain of the world at the altitude of 8848 meters, it is clear that the climate and temperature is not favorable for many. As people who trek the Everest Region are constantly taking high precautions for their safety, the animals found there are rare and few. The mountain itself may be inhabitable for only a few animals but the national park in the Everest Region is home to many rare and endangered animals as well.

So, besides national parks and dense forests along the way, what animals live on Mount Everest?

Sagarmatha National Park is one of the many national parks in Nepal which protects not only the mountain but the vegetation and the animals in the region as well. On your way to Mount Everest, you will enter the Sagarmatha National Park which protects many endangered species like the snow leopards and the musk deer.

What Animals Live On Mount Everest

The animals that can survive in the harsh winter of the Everest Region must have thick fur. This includes animals like Himalayan Tahrs, Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Red Panda and Wild Yak. Among this Red panda and Snow Leopard are endangered species. Encountering one of these animals on your Everest Base Camp Trek is a game of luck. These animals can only live in the lower parts of the Everest Region up to the altitude of 5750 meters.

Although there are not many animals that can survive the harsh winter of the Everest Region to survive on the higher parts of the mountain, some can live till 6100 meters. The animals like the Blue-sheep, Pika, Tibetan Gazelle, and wild yak along with some other birds can live up to the altitude of 6100 meters. This is the highest altitude you will be encountering animals on your Everest mountain climbing.

Apart from the animals, you can see the infamous Himalayan Jumping Spider in the region upto the altitude of 6700 meters.

The lower Everest Region with dense forest has a wide range of wildlife to offer you. The Himalayan Wolf along with the Himalayan Black Bear can be found in the dense forests of the lower Everest Region. Also, this dense forest is home to the endangered Himalayan Tahr and Red pandas along with Himalayan Gorals.

Apart from these beautiful variety of animals in the wildlife of the Everest Region, you can also see the sights of the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture and the Bar Headed Goose flying over the Everest Region up to the altitude of 37000 feet. The bar-headed goose has now been considered an endangered species in Nepal.

With Everest Region being home to this large variety of animals and birds, it has more to give you than just glorious views of the mountains. So let us enjoy what the Everest Region has to give us and in return protect the region by avoiding any activities that can hamper the region and its wildlife.

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