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What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking

What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking

While thinking of Nepal the first thought that comes to one’s mind is Mount Everest. Nepal is renowned for hosting the world’s highest mountain above sea level. This country is home for eight highest peaks out of ten in the world.

Many mountaineers visit Nepal to make the climb till the summit of these mountain ranges. Other than that it is also popular for its exotic and unspoiled trekking routes.

Usually, people think Nepal offers only treks and mount climbing to its travelers. But they do not know Nepal is quite famous for many other activities as well.

Are you bored of trekking and wondering What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking? Then our article will be quite helpful for you. We have listed a few of the things that you can do here in Nepal besides trekking.

You can do activities that range from extreme to peaceful here in Nepal. If you are looking for some adventure then rafting, bungee jumping, etc are some sports you can do.

However, if you are searching to spend your vacation in peace then fishing, jungle safari, etc can be done. You can also roam around the city and try out local foods here.

Nepal offers many fun and exciting things to do besides trekking. It hosts various activities from Mechi to Mahakali Zone. Other than trekking you can go sightseeing or do cultural tours and many more

Nepal is a diverse country and home for various cultures and traditions. You can explore and experience these cultures first hand. There are many things to do here rather than hiking, trekking or mount climbing.

So, if you are trying to figure out What to do in Nepal besides trekking. You can read below for further details. Don’t limit your vacation till trekking only while visiting Nepal. As there are many other sports that are just as thrilling and challenging as walking in the offbeat routes.

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What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking

Fewa and Begnas Lake Mountain Biking Tour

Kathmandu City Tour

After your arrival in Nepal, the first city you enter is Kathmandu. So, it is better to tour around this mesmerizing city before starting your journey. Kathmandu being the capital is one of the crowded places of Nepal. It is very rich in culture and artefacts. The ancient artefacts are very beautiful and unique.

Being the capital it offers many interesting things to do during your stay. You can visit Pashupatinath, a holy temple of lord shiva that is crowded with his followers. Also Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, a sacred ground for Buddhist followers. And Basantapur Durbar Square, once a royal palace of the late kings. These places are UNESCO Heritage sites hosted in Kathmandu.

Thamel is another happening place in Kathmandu. This area is the main tourist hub. You can find different cuisines, souvenirs, clubs, pubs, etc here. The streets are narrow but crowded with both locals and foreigners. Don’t forget to visit this place.

You can also go cycling which is the easiest way to know the city closely. You can rent bikes from shops and tour the city. The streets of Kathmandu are usually packed with vehicles so be careful.

Jungle Safari

Nepal has many national parks that are home for various endangered plants and wildlife. You can go jungle safari in a few of these parks. Such as Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, etc. This country is home for tropical and subtropical forests.

Open top Jeep safari is common as you get to view the surroundings around you. Wildlife found in these parks is one-horned rhino, royal Bengal tiger, elephants, deers, leopards, and many more.

Looking for some relaxing time then Jungle safari is a perfect tour.


You must have heard, Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. Well, this country has many streams, rivers, and lakes. The rivers of Nepal are just perfect for rafting. Nepal is quite a popular destination for white river rafting.

The flow and current of these rivers give a thrilling experience for rafters. The waters are clear and surrounded by beautiful hills and landscapes all around. Trishuli river is a popular rafting destination that is quite near to Kathmandu valley. Some other destinations are Bhotekoshi river, Seti river, etc.

If you are looking for adventure then rafting is a great choice. You can also camp on the banks after an adventurous day.


Looking for an activity that sends a chill down your spine. Then nothing can beat bungee jumping from the world’s longest freefall. You will be jumping off from a wide suspension bridge over the Bhote koshi river. The height of the platform is situated about 160 m high. This place is about 3 hours drive from Kathmandu. This fall lies near the Nepal-Tibet border.


Do you love fishing? Because many people are unknown but the waters of Nepal are popular for Fishing as well. This is home for many fish such as golden masher, Sahar, Giant catfish, Gonch, etc.

If you are a peace lover with a lot of patience then fishing is a great way to spend some time. Sometimes you might have to stay an entire day in the river. So being calm and patience is a must while fishing.

Some fishing destinations are Karnali river, Tamus river, Trishuli river, Babai river, etc.

Visit Lumbini

lumbini travel guide

Lumbini is an important spiritual site and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. This place lies in the Rupandehi District of Province 5. Every year Hindu and Buddhist followers visit this place. This is also a major tourist attraction that showcases various monasteries.

Maya Devi temple and Ashoka Pillar are the sacred sites of the Lumbini garden. This place offers monasteries, monuments, and museums you can visit.

Try local Cuisines

Visiting Nepal and not trying out the local cuisines is quite not satisfactory. Nepal is home to many religions, cultures, and races. You get to try out different traditional cuisines made by different communities. The most traditional food is Dal, Bhat, Curry, achar, Gundruk, and other side dishes. This set is known as Thakali food. Other popular cuisines are Newari food, Tibetan food, etc.

Explore Pokhara

Pokhara is another famous tourist Hub. This place is the gateway from many trekking destinations. So this place is always crowded with people. This city offers many exciting activities such as cycling, paragliding, sunrise view, etc.

You can also go sightseeing around Pokhara city. Some places you can visit are Bat cave, David’s fall, and many more.

Boating in Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is one of the main attractions of Pokhara. This beautiful lake resides on the south side of the Pokhara Valley. Phewa lake is the second largest lake of Nepal. A small shrine is also situated at the middle of the lake that is crowded by Hindu followers.

Boating is the main attraction of this lake. You can hire a boat and tour around the lake. Or you can take it to visit the temple. Touring around the lake takes about a whole day. You can spend your time in the lake viewing beautiful scenes around.

Walk around Lakeside

Evening walk around Lakeside is one of the best ways to spend your time in Pokhara. As the sunsets, the lakeside is filled with people who come to view the beauty of nature. Food stalls are held around this place during the evening. You can try out the local street food, they taste awesome. Also, the street musicians and dancers give you entertainment.

Walking along the sides of Phewa lake you get to view the beautiful lake and valleys surrounding it.

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Best Time To Visit Nepal

Nepal can be visited at any time of the year. This country goes through four seasons Spring, Autumn, Monsoon/Summer, and Winter. Usually Spring and Autumn are the best to visit due to their stable weather conditions. But the geography of Nepal is complex, so there is more to it.

Spring season is the beginning of many things in Nepal. It brings greenery, New year along with it. The months from March to April fall under Spring Season. This is one of the most crowded seasons of the year. The weather is stable and the temperature also rises steadily.

The winter has just finished so it can be a bit chilly during early March. But as the days pass it gets warm. The skies are clear with no sign of dark clouds enhancing your journey.

Monsoon/ Summer Season is a least prefered season compared to others. In the context of Nepal, summer and monsoon fall in the same months. It is Hot and Humid from the month of June to August.

The weather is hot till mid June and starts raining by the mid of July. The weather is clear during the earlier months. So it is better to visit Nepal during this time.

Because as downpour begins the views are hidden behind dark rain clouds. Also, due to continuous rainfall, there are high chances of your plans getting cancelled or delayed.

Autumn Season is the best time to visit Nepal. It is the peak season for doing any kind of sport. The weather is more stable and clear than in other seasons. The months of September, October, and November fall under this season. Traveling around Nepal is a great experience during these months.

Due to favorable climatic conditions, this is another crowded season. You will meet many companions while roaming around. This is the festive season as well. A major festival of Nepal Dashain and Tihar comes during Autumn season.

Winter Season might be off season time for trekking but it is perfect for other activities. Visiting lower regions is quite amazing during this season. The months of December to February fall under this season.

This is the coldest season of the year. And snowfalls are common in high regions whereas it is only cold in lower regions. So travelling around Nepal can be done in this season as well.

If you can handle a bit of cold then you can visit Nepal during these months. As jungle safari is a great choice during winter.

Final Say

Overall Nepal is not only limited up to Trekking and Mountain Climbing. You can do many other activities that are quite fun and exciting as well. I hope our article about What to do In Nepal besides trekking was helpful to you.


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