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Why With Us ?

Quality of service:why with us

We offer our customers all classes of the inn, touring, TrekkingClimbing, and overland tour particularly holiday package tours to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. More than thousands of guest from around the globe has already traveled different tour packages with Exciting Nepal Treks. Impressive customer record from the different foundation or commercial ventures demonstrates our success in Tourism Sector. Our Team aims on helping the advancement of the local communities by working toward long-term sustainability, minimizing our effect on the earth, imparting the excellence of Nepal and other neighboring nations including their culture and religion through tourism. To help achieve these core values, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are consistently seeking new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We accept that an exceptional guide and crew are major to have an incredible trek. We personally train all our guides for your easy and safe journey. They are strong, patient, experienced, equipped, helpful, and willing to learn. Since they already have adequate information about the areas you visit, they can provide rich insights into the cultures you experience and the places you journey through. We are much more focused on qualified guides so we sent them for language courses, mountaineering training, and medical skills courses.

As responsible employers, we ensure that both guides and porters have proper medical and life insurance. Furthermore, we equip all our high altitude porters with proper footwear, sunglasses, hats, and jackets. We always do care for the people who care for you.


We deliver different kinds of dishes at any one meal to our valuable customers. We want you to remain healthy while you savor our food. The ability of our cooks to prepare healthily, as well as tasty food, is awesome. You can get hygienic food even in the most remote areas through our cooks. We also have special dishes for Vegetarian clients. And also you can share your birthday or anniversary with us so that we can celebrate it together and make it much more memorable.


Holidays are fun as long as nothing goes wrong. But, anything can happen out in the wilderness. If any unexpected situation arrives, your safety is our first dedication. Our guides and crew members are well trained and experienced to handle any situation. We have hired very professional workers so that we do not have to compromise on your safety. Hyperbaric chamber bags along with portable oxygen masks are provided on high altitude trek. 

Local expertise:

It is vital to us that you have a memorable and authentic experience with our holidays. In line with the expectations we have for our staff, we select only local suppliers that are friendly, reputable, and have in-depth local knowledge.

Mountaineering Equipment:

You do not need to bring expensive personal equipment. We can equip you from head to toe.

-we care and committed to responsible tourism:

– we minimize negative economic, environmental, and social impacts.

-we look after greater economic benefits for local people and enhances and access.

-we care involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances.

-we make a positive contribution to the conservation and National park as well as heritage site.

-we are serious about services that provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues.

Our exclusive services:

Our holiday and services vary in nature just like the wonderful eco balances of the Himalayan environment we live in, they include 4 season outdoor breaks, whirlwind historical tours, countryside hikes on the valley, treks on off-the-beat trails, go-wild river rafting kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, sightseeing at exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tour, spiritual tour, cozy international ticketing services, yoga and meditation with spa therapies and reliable transportation the Himalayas

Our legal documents

We are affiliated with the following tourism-related organization in Nepal.

-We are registered with the Department of Tourism, the government of Nepal.

-We are affiliated with the Nepal Tourism Board {NTB} which governs all aspects of Nepal tourism development and promotion throughout the word

-We are affiliated with the Nepal Mountaineering Association {NMA} of Nepal.

– We are a member of Trekking Agency’s  Association of Nepal {TAAN}.

-We are highly active at some of these associations for the general development of tourism on Nepal landscapes.

Our business strategies

Competitive pricing

Our prices are arguably some of the best in our country. We don’t believe cost which is hereabouts.

We believe in strict business ethics where our concepts are to give clients more in terms of services as value for money. All our programs are planned in ways to make our prices affordable for our clients without facing losses ourselves. We even provide our guests options for holidays so that financial obligations don’t spoilsports for a good vacation.

Clients’ satisfaction – personal services

Exciting Nepal is an independent company of guides active climbers and trekkers and tour guide we are privately owned and answerable to you for everything that we do. From the moment you book with us, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to providing you with a first-class service. You are welcome to contact our office any time to speak to anyone, whether it is about your booking, medical concerns, equipment s’ or how best to prepare for your trip. We try to assists you by being proactive, which is why we stay in touch with you all along even after you’ve booked with us. We want to put you on the “front foot” so that you embark on your trip reassured and confident about the adventure and challenge you are about to experience in a country not known to you before your arrival.

We are flexible to suit your convenience.

There are times when you want to embark on the holiday of a lifetime, only to run into a snag where you find that your program does not fit into your schedule, but then this is definitely not going to spoil your holidays because experiences has taught us to handles such situations in all the years gone by; we can tailor-make your trip exactly the way you want it without spoiling your holidays’ plans for Nepal’s Himalayas.

 Save time and effort

Researching and organizing your own holiday can be a stressful task. Let us do the work for you! By choosing us , you can save both time and money by booking all of your itinerary services directly with a specialized local agency.

We are reliable.

We are highly reliable to all our commitments’ and when a departure is a schedule confirmed, your trip is on, no matter what. Our departure moves on time and we don’t hesitate once all the logistics are well worked out. The information we channel down to you before your trip is well planned and is a result of a lot of hard

work down the years; what we decide in terms of safety and reliability is never compromised, at any cost. Rely on us at all time for a great vacation because we know what your holidays mean to you and how hard you’ve worked for it….

We are TripAdvisor’s Multiple  Award-winning company.

TripAdvisor.com has rated us 5 out of 5 , based on the views written and ratings by travelers from around the world.

Based on our online reviews, we are awarded TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and travelers choice winner award 2020,  Please take a look at our customers reviews.

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