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8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley has a long-established eminence in the world of trekking. It’s a land with the mystical magnificence of nature, unique geographical features, and astonishing landscapes.

Away from the city’s hustle, Langtang Valley offers an alleviating atmosphere to the hikers. Even with the jagged trail and remoteness, the place continues to stir people with its mesmeric vista and opulent culture.

Wilderness and wildlife, of course, being a crucial part of Langtang Valley gladden the trekkers. Even though not a high-octane royal treatment but people here still, have a great service to offer.

Hundreds of travelers visit Langtang every month given its short trekking routes with little challenges to overcome. It’s a perfect trekking route for the hikers who have or haven’t experienced a real trek earlier.

Following the off-the-beaten-track, some regions see fewer crowds in Langtang. With this, you can quietly explore as many isolated places as possible and even interact with locals on your visit.

The 8 Days Itinerary Langtang Valley Trek is arguably the best recourse you’ll ever find to scout Langtang Valley. The itinerary designed has hikers travel around the region in such a way that it won’t get them boredom or feel exhaustion.

Highlights of 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

  • Short trekking routes unusually less strenuous than any trekking runway
  • Panoramic view of the sky-scraping mountains including Gokyo Ri
  • Exhilarating drive to and from Syabru Besi along with majestic scenes of a green meadow
  • Traveling through a dense forest covered with Orchid and Rhododendron in spring
  • A quick trip of a local cheese factory while stopping by Kyanjin Gompa
  • Reciprocity of culture and tradition with native Sherpa and Tamang people of the region

Best Season for 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

It’s so definite up until now that Autumn and Spring are the two best times for trekking to Langtang Valley. Whether it’s the bird’s twitter or the blossoming flowers enrapturing the hikers, Autumn and Spring every way entraps the traveler.

The two seasons have the most grandeur to offer. With an unspoiled natural beauty and green foliage everywhere, it’s tranquilizing here. Autumn in Nepal starts from early September and lasts up until November as winter slowly makes it way then.

The season enchants every traveler passing the valley with its pleasant weather and moderate climate. Days of Autumn are relatively warm with temperatures ranging from 10-15 Degree Celsius.

Even so, by the end of November, the night time in the valley starts getting cold with winter prepared to make its way-in. Spring season too, is the loveliest season out of rest with buds coming into bloom.

For anyone who hasn’t visited the Himalayas in spring, you’ll witness greenery all around the region. Scaling up the hills, you’ll spot yaks feeding in the pastures and spring flowers bedecking the forest.

Flowers like jasmine, orchid, and rhododendron emits a sweet-smelling perfume throughout the region. With spring only lasting till May, the temperature keeps varying between 10-20 Degree Celsius.

Although not as cherished as the two-season, winter still is preferred by many trekkers over monsoon. During the season, Langtang Valley looks like a fairy tale as if the place is covered with a white table runner.

The valley is filled with beauty following mild days and freezy nights and mornings. The nights are too cold to endure in winter with the temperature dropping below minus.

Meanwhile, the daytime temperature of Langtang Valley scales from 6-9 Degree Celsius following which it offers great visibility. You can easily trace the snow peaks dispersed in the region including Langtang Lirung I.

8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

Difficulties of 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek can be squared up by anyone with good health and physical fitness. The trails aren’t much difficult to trace with only a few loops and turns to perplex trekkers.

Except for some slippery walkway with steep staircase and rough trails, the path in overall is modest to walk. Most of the trails that go to villages are well-defined and managed properly.

However, the one that comes to use rarely or fewer than the rest are disorganized. During winter, they are so hard to traverse with thick snow covering the entire path.

Even though the trails are well-managed, it’s hard to traverse over during winter following heavy snowfall.

Altitude sickness is the other major cause for trekkers retracing their steps back to the village. Many travelers suffer from breathing problems and nausea as they scramble at higher altitudes.

Fret by the very issue, we came up with the 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary. The complications are kept into consideration in the travel package. The layout is designed in such a way that you’ll have enough time to acclimatize.

Likewise, people who travel the region in winter should prepare beforehand as it’s extremely cold during the time. The temperature is below zero and minus most of the time and this can affect the health of the trekker.

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Langtang Valley Trek 8 Days Itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu to SyabruBesi

Prior, your flight lands at the Tribhuvan International Airport, we’ll longingly wait for you at the airport. After the whole meet and greet session is over, we’ll drive you to your hotel irrespective of anything.

You can catch your breath soon reaching there and even freshen up. If starved, you can place your order to the hotel staff or even call them if you want help with anything.

Until then, we’ll check all the arrangements and come to pick you up at your hotel. Starting from the Kathmandu Valley, we’ll drive you to Syabrubesi in about 7 hours time.

While seated in the back of the jeep, you can see the road navigating high over the ridge and to the hills. With green pastures and beautiful terrace land to oversee, the whole journey will excite you.

The more you drive further, the more you start getting a clear view of the snow peaks in the region. Before reaching Syabru Besi, you’ll notice plentiful mountains including Ganesh Himal and Manaslu.

Not long after, you’ll get across the magnificent town of Trishuli filled with colorful markets. Not long after, the road will see you steering to Dhunche and the Langtang National Park.

From Dhunche, it’s an hour of a drive down the hill and you’ll arrive at Syabru Besi. We’ll call it for the day now and stay the night at the village.

Day 02: Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel

Although having started the trip a day earlier, your 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek only begins officially from Syabru Besi. As forged in the Langtang Valley Trek 8 Days itinerary, the trip will have you embrace the Himalayas with the morning in Syabru Besi.

Thereupon, being welcomed by the rushing wind fluttering through the village, you’ll have your village. An hour later you’ll pack your stuff and start walking towards Lama Hotel.

Shortly after leaving the village behind, you’ll head towards Lama Hotel walking a regular trail. Apart from the scenic view of the uphills, it will see you getting across the Bhote Koshi river and trailing Langtang Khola.

The journey ahead, makes you ascend the hill via a dense forest. It then passes a hill that had gone through a landslide before reaching Bamboo, a small village in Langtang.

You can respite here and onlook the monumental view until your lunch flies out of the door. After having a meal, you’ll helm across a subtropical forest filled with oak trees, maple, and spruce and blue pine.

Walking the trail, you’ve chances to see Langur monkeys, wild boars, and red pandas who inhabit the forest. In due course, you’ll gently ascend to Rimche and still continue walking the trail until putting end to Lama Hotel.

The whole trek will last up to 7 hours throughout which you have a breathtaking view to gaze. Spend the night at a lodge in Lama Hotel and you can travel to Langtang Village the following day.

Day 03: Lama Hotel to Langtang Village

8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

As put up in the itinerary of 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek, you’ll be hiking up to Langtang Village today. The day begins with you having your morning breakfast and stuffing bags long before the trip continues.

You start to ascend slowly at the beginning of the trip following the steppe route. But as time flies, you’ll leap fast walking through wild forests of Maples, Hemlocks, and Rhododendrons.

As you climb higher, you’ll perceive a spellbinding view of the snow peaks scattered in the region. Langtang Lirung is perhaps the peak normally witnessed from the route even from Lama Hotel.

The trail will then have you walk a log bridge and scramble the hill until you get across the meadow of Ghora Tabela. Without pulling out of the path, you travel across the yak and helipad sward.

The 5 hours of trek will then see you passing a local village inhabited by Tamang people and crossing a stream. Long before crossing the water-driven mills, you’ll scale towards the village of Langtang.

You can notice that the houses here are built-in old-style Tibetan way with a flat roof. On your stay at the village, you can visit monasteries and also spot alluring stone walls surrounding fields.

Day 04: Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa

After exploring one of the most populated villages in Langtang, it’s time to head Kyanjin Gompa now. Hence, after having breakfast at the lodge, you take a trail twisting and turning up the village.

Later swarming up the ridge exceeding a Chorten, you’ll move towards Mani wall and across the stream to Mundu. It’s a small village that lies on the way to Kyanjin.

With the trail passing many small streams, you’ll cross ample wooden cantilever bridges that look engrossing. After traversing a few moraines, you’ll finally be able to see the artistically beautiful Kyanjin Gompa.

The sleep sound of the icefall from Langtang Lirung gets roaring as you come near to the village. As the lush green pastures cover the leftover land, it is arousing to travel the region.

While staying in the village, you also want to take a look out of a famous Cheese factory. Because you’ll have saved plenty of time even after having lunch, better take the glance of mesmeric Kyanjin Ri and Yala Peak.

If you’re an avid mountaineer then jump of joy as you also get to explore Tsergo Ri, Dorje Lhakpa, and Ganja La Pass. Rest the night at a lodge in Kyanjin and you can further search out the village tomorrow.

Day 05: Rest day in Kyanjin

One more day to visit and range over the glory of Kyanjin. For the day, you’ll take a short hike that is within reach from the village and won’t cost you a lot of time.

But before heading on the trip, you’ll have breakfast and also make an effort to interact with the locals. Communicating with the peoples in the region helps you build a cordial relationship. It even avails you to get a sneak peek into their culture and tradition.

Momentarily after, you’ll stroll to the moraine to view the splendor of the glaciers stumbling over. Those who have got-over looking at the mountains, you can hike up to Kyanjin Ri or else Tserko Ri.

Since they are the highest point of the trek, you can behold the unique landscape of Langtang from here. Even geeking at the valley is possible from Kyanjin Ri that offers you picturesque sights. Don’t stay too long at the top as the place gets colder in the evening.

Return to the village immediately after the sightseeing is done. You stay the night at Kyanjin and take a good rest.

Day 06: Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel

8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

It’s the sixth day of your Langtang Valley Trek. So what best way could be to start the morning other than have a local breakfast and hot tea at Kyanjin Gompa.

After you’re done having the meal, rather get your belongings and prepare to descend to Lama Hotel. Provided that you’ll leave the village today, take one close look of the valley and the spellbinding mountains.

Now retrace your steps and start walking downhill on the same trail that you had traveled earlier. The route will see you crossing the Langtang Khola once again and to Langtang Village.

Trekking further, you’ll come across to walk beautiful Ghoda Tabela. It’s also where you’ll stop to have lunch and enjoy the dazzling view that the place has to offer.

From here, you’ll start fresh and continue climbing down to Lama Hotel. To release the stress, you can have a sight of the incredible valleys and lush green forest resting around the place.

On the way downhill, you get to see unique vegetation and wilderness prosper throughout the region. After almost six hours of trek from Kyanjin, you’ll finally arrive at Lama Hotel, your last stop point. Stay the night at heartening Lama Hotel and make the trip to Syabru Besi the later day as per your 8 Days Itinerary Langtang Valley Trek.

Day 07: Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi

The 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek has you traverse to Syabru Besi on the seventh day of the trip. As usual, your morning kicks off with a delicious breakfast at Lama Hotel.

We’ll then let you have an alone time to explore the village and see-through the snow-capped mountains from the village. From Lama Hotel, the trail will have you climb downhill via the pastures and farming land.

Relaxing it is to walk along the trail as it unfolds a scenic view with captivating mountains and oak forest. While traveling the path till late evening, you can even glance at the mind-boggling sight of the sunset.

Reaching on Syabru Besi, you can take a rest or else stroll through the village to seek the culture and values. Most of you can even develop a fellowship with the locals and get a revelation of their customs.

Day 08: Syabrubesi to Kathmandu

Time to move on from the beauty and resplendence of 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek. Of course, you know why because it’s time to bid farewell to trek to Langtang Valley and set back to Kathmandu.

Going no out of the way, your morning begins by having breakfast at Syabru Besi. From here, all you have to do is get all your things and wait for the jeep.

Driving from Syabru Besi, you have a lot to notice including the terrace farm and rushing streams. Other enchanting views you’ll see if not look the other way are the village with Sherpa Settlements and Trishuli Riverside.

From Syabru Besi, it nearly takes 7-8 hours before you reach the Kathmandu Valley. The trip isn’t over yet as we’ll keep driving up until you reach your hotel room.

Having traveled for so many hours, you probably must have got exhausted so we’ll leave you then and there. In the hotel room, you can relax or else, go on exploring the city.

If tired looking at the same crowded places then you can also haunt the cultural events and shows organized at street and courtyards.

Leaving all the excitement behind, you’ve now come to the end of our 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek. Still, our alliance with you doesn’t wind-up here as we’re ready to come forward to your service any day you want.

Please feel free to contact us for more travel details.

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