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closest airport to mount everest

Closest Airport To Mount Everest

“Going to a new place and you don’t have a single question about that place in mind” That is impossible and more irrational if you are opting for the Everest region treks.

Everest region is a home of the worlds highest Mt Everest and many beautiful treks.

Every year thousands of adventurers come to see the beautiful land of the highest peak. But, before they come they have a lot of questions about the Everest region.

Among the most raised questions, the “Which is the closest airport to Mount Everest” question is the most asked one. So, we will be answering this question and some other questions about the airport:

Which is the Closest Airport to Mount Everest?

The closest airport to Mount Everest is Tenzing-Hillary Airport which is more popular as Lukla Airport. Yes, it is the nearest and only one accessible airport around the Everest region. This airstrip is situated in Lukla, a small town in the Khumbu region, Nepal. Lukla Airport(Tenzing-Hillary Airport) has been considered as the world’s most dangerous airport for some 20 years. The runway of the airport is so small and beyond the runway, it is nothing but the harsh terrains.

Frequently asked questions about Lukla Airport(Tenzing-Hillary Airport)

Where does the Lukla Airport(Tenzing-Hillary Airport) lie?

The exact location of Tenzing-Hillary Airport is in Lukla, Solukhumbu, Nepal. It is the same Lukla, which is popular as the “Gateway to Everest”. Lukla is a small town with several lodges and shops focused on trekkers.

In what altitude does the Lukla Airport sit?

Lukla Airport(Tenzing-Hillary Airport) is situated at an altitude of 2,860m(9,380ft).

How was it named “Tenzing-Hillary Airport”?

The airport is named “Tenzing-Hillary Airport” after the first climbers of Mount Everest, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary. To pay honor to them, it was renamed as Tenzing-Hillary Airport.

How much time does it take to reach Lukla Airport from Kathmandu Airport?

It takes around 30 to 45 minutes to touch down the Lukla Airport after taking off from Kathmandu Airport.

Why is Lukla Airport considered as a dangerous airport?

It is all due to its geographical location which is located at the hill edge with a short runway. That runway is around 527 meters(1,729feet) long only. There is no room for any error, the short mistake and there comes the hill ridge. As it is surrounded by the harsh landscapes from all the way around.

How safe is it to land at Lukla(Tenzing-Norgay) Airport?

Lukla Airport has stood as the world’s dangerous airport for a long time. For this reason, people get too afraid when they hear of Lukla Airport. But in reality, it is not that dangerous, on a daily basis about 20 to 30 aircraft land in Lukla airport.

The flight to Lukla is the most picked way to complete the Everest region treks or climbs. That is around 30,00 people fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and vice versa. Therefore, it is totally safe to travel to Lukla Airport.

Why are the Lukla flights delayed and canceled so often?

It all because of its difficult location and elevation. Lukla Airport is situated at a height of 2,860m. And in such altitudes, the weather and visibility change rapidly within a single day. That is why in search of perfect weather and clear visibility, the Lukla flights get delayed or may be canceled.

What are the alternative options for Lukla flight via aircraft?

The only way to fly to Lukla airport other than the aircraft is the helicopter ride. Lukla Airport is accessible only to small-sized aircraft and helicopters. Hence, the possible option for aircraft is a Helicopter.

What are the treks that start with Lukla flight?

The treks that begin with Lukla flight do make a long list. The list of Everest region treks that needs a landing in Lukla Airport is as below:


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